How to Prepare for Our Children’s School Opening

Undoubtedly, the school opening this year will be very different from what we were used to. Certainly, our children are very excited to be seeing their classmates and friends after a long vacation. But with the risk of the health pandemic still very much around, we have to prepare our children for the first day when they go back to school.

This excitement during the first day in school may be too much for children to handle. They may forget about the health protocols that we may have taught them. As early as now, we should be preparing for that scenario. Here are some things that you should be doing by now, so you will all be ready when the school opening day comes.

Purchase Safety Gears

You may already have them for your child, but it will be better to buy new ones for the school opening. Facemasks, ecological gloves, face shields, and hand sanitizers are the basic health gadgets this pandemic. Accordingly, when an individual has all these items are used along with social distancing and handwashing, you can be 99 % safe from the coronavirus.

Don’t wait for the last minute before buying them. You may have to teach your child the proper use, storage, and disposal of these safety gears.

Enhance His Immune System

We should all have a healthy immune system because it is our first line of defense against infection. You should know products that are tried and tested like vitamins or food supplements. You should also be letting your child eat fruits and vegetables, along with healthy proteins.

Before and After School

Knowing the policies of the school about their relative health protocols is important. As a parent, you should be informed. You can refute whatever you think is not proper. Know the guidelines for the use of the school bus. Will it be the same as usual, where school buses are filled to the brim? In this case, you might have to drive your child to and from school.

When coming home from school, it helps if you have a space outside your home to disinfect shoes, bags, and clothing before coming inside.

Have a Dry Run

You can always remind your child about the importance of social distancing, handwashing, and proper use of masks, shields, and ecological gloves whenever he is in school and public areas. Practice all these at home every day before the school opening. He will be used to it. You may have better peace of mind if he never forgets any detail of your daily dry run.…

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