How to Take Your Daily Dose of Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most well-known natural remedies in combating several diseases. Its therapeutic use can be traced centuries ago in Indian and Chinese medicine, although was more commonly used for culinary purposes. Known as the Golden Spice, turmeric has been an essential ingredient in many Asian and African dishes. Today, turmeric is used worldwide as a food additive and food color. It is also used to dye fabrics.

Turmeric naturally grows wild in the Indian peninsula and Southeast Asia. However, it is now industrially propagated. The part of the turmeric plant that is useful for medical and culinary purposes is the tuber, which has a golden yellow color. When used for culinary purposes, turmeric can be used in its raw form, sliced, and cooked like spice but is most commonly used in its powdered form. Foods with turmeric can easily be identified with their golden yellow color because of its curcumin content, which is also the active ingredient of turmeric that gives its therapeutic effects.

The long list of health benefits of turmeric makes it an in-demand food supplement. Known to treat joint problems, enhance energy, and for boosting metabolism, its powdered form has been processed into products to ensure convenience and disguise the natural taste because some cannot take the natural flavor of turmeric.

Turmeric products can be bought online, which makes it easier for turmeric believers to procure products that can help them achieve their health goals. Aside from getting the benefits of turmeric  foods, you can have your dose of turmeric in the following forms.


Turmeric food supplements are usually in the form of capsules with turmeric powder inside the capsules. By using this method of ingesting turmeric, you can be guaranteed of the right dosage and concentration. The absorption is faster and more reliable than using other turmeric forms when you take in turmeric in capsules.


Coffee lovers may naturally go for turmeric tea. Although its effects may be fastest among other forms, it may not be advisable for people who easily experience stomach upset. The tea form of turmeric may also be added with some flavorings to neutralize the taste of turmeric.


Turmeric candies, gummies, and other turmeric-infused food products are available in the market. Taking them for their turmeric contents is truly more convenient than other forms because you may be able to carry them anywhere you. The downside is that you may not be able to track your daily dosage.


Aside from candies and gummies, you can help your child become healthier by introducing turmeric syrup. Make it a daily habit, and your child will grow up to be physically fit. It will also instill in him at a young age the importance of eating healthy food.

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