How to Grow Weed in an Environmentally Friendly Way

growing cannabis

As the cannabis industry continues to grow worldwide, more and more unsustainable practices are being put in place to meet growing demand. Most people are now growing weed at home. You should look for quality cannabis seeds for your cultivation.

Take your time to find the best seed banks with high-quality seeds for different strains. Growing cannabis on a small scale, such as for personal use at home, can require a lot of electricity and water.

weed growingSure, growing plants is a great way to give back to the environment – but if you don’t understand how the environment works, you can harm it. Here are our tips on how to create and maintain an eco-friendly cannabis garden!

Stay Away From Chemicals

It can often be tempting to go to your gardening store and buy pesticides made from purely chemical substances. These pesticides end up not only in your weed (and then your body) but in the natural environment as well. When cannabis plantations are sprayed, it contaminates the earth and, consequently, rivers, the sea, and wildlife.

Don’t Waste Water

The cannabis industry is notorious for consuming and wasting a lot of water. One of the most common mistakes made by first-time growers is that they water their plants too often. However, measures can be taken at both private and industrial levels to prevent the plant from losing water through evaporation.

Mulching your potting soil will allow your plant to stay moist longer without having to water it. Plus, mulching can keep weeds out of your cannabis garden! If you’re serious about joining the eco-friendly weed growers club, you should start collecting your own rainwater!

Choose Your Growing Medium Wisely

weed seedsThere are many different ways to grow marijuana, and many of these media do without soil. However, some of these soilless media may not be as environmentally friendly as you might assume. Peat takes centuries to grow naturally, and currently, it is being degraded much faster than it can reproduce. Stone wool, on the other hand, takes centuries to rot.

Hydroponics may sound tempting, but you still need a lot of water and energy to grow your cannabis indoors using this method. If you want to do without soil, you can use coconut fiber. They are a by-product of the coconut industry and are completely natural.

Use Companion Plants

As an alternative to chemical pesticides, consider companion plants. Companion plants keep pests at bay that destroy your garden while also attracting insects to help it thrive. Marigold, garlic, and citronella grass are the best companion plants.…

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Should You Use Marijuana?


Since the legalization of the marijuana plant, there has been a lot of talk in the media. The number of people who use marijuana has significantly increased in many countries. Like many other people, you may still have some doubts about whether you should give marijuana a try or not.

Those that are regular marijuana users will be happy to know that the plant has many health-related benefits. This means you can find the best online seed banks and start planting your cannabis. There are many reasons why you should use marijuana, and here are some of them.

Marijuana is Used in Pain Management

manAs mentioned earlier, the marijuana plant has been found to have many health-based benefits. One benefit that has been discovered is that it is crucial in managing pain. It is essential to note that people choose to use marijuana for different purposes. Though many use the plant for recreational purposes, a good number are using cannabis for health reasons. In some states and countries, a doctor can prescribe medical marijuana to a patient.

Many people who use marijuana for health reasons are suffering from different types of pain. It can be pain caused by migraine, injury, or even arthritis. Marijuana is more effective compared to some prescribed anti-inflammatory prescribe medication. CBD, which is among the many cannabinoids found in marijuana, reduces inflammation.

Marijuana is Used in Sleep Management

Many people are advised to have a quality sleep to better their health. It is rather sad that many people do not have the required amount of sleep every day. Some have a busy schedule, while others suffer from illnesses like insomnia that affect how they sleep. It is also important to note that pain can also lead to a lack of sleep.

People have given accounts of how they have had good periods of sleep after using marijuana-based products. If you are having trouble sleeping, you should consider using cannabis before You go to bed. The use of marijuana promotes sleep due to its relaxing effect.

Marijuana Promotes Mental Health

man and womanMental health is equally important as physical health. Some reports have shown that the number of people suffering from health conditions related to mental health is increasing at an alarming rate. Marijuana helps those with neurological and mental disorders. Marijuana has properties that are crucial in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Though marijuana has health benefits, it is essential to note that it may have some side effects. It would be best to talk to your doctor for more insights on how marijuana can improve your health.…

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